Certified high quality fire hoses

Established in 1956 we know very well what layflat fire hoses have to be made of to exceed the high requirements of the DIN 14811, BS 6391, MED and many more standards. It has to withstand high pressures, be abrasion resistant, perform in cold and hot climates and still be highly flexible and easy to handle. Furthermore all our hoses are salt water resistant and meet all the requirements of the marine market. Fluorescent versions for better visibility in the dark or in smoked areas are also available as well as rubberlined chemical and oil resistant versions.

Our product range also features large diameter hoses for high volume water transfer, double jacket hoses for high rise and high pressure operations as well as semi rigid booster and attack hoses. All our hoses are completely made in Germany.

High-performance hoses for industry and mining

Focusing on the diversity of industrial applications for layflat hoses, we offer a wide range of products for industry, mining and fracking. Depending on the field of application they have to be resistant against waste water, chemicals, acids, oil and abrasive substances as well as against ozone and aging. Our supply and dewatering hoses for large diameter and long range applications additionally offer improved abrasion resistance and high tensile strength.

All our industrial and mining hoses are quality made in Germany, produced by our well trained and experienced staff using high quality materials as well as advanced production technologies.

Construction hoses of up to 1000 metres length

In the construction sector, hoses are primarily used for dewatering or for pumping water to the respective construction site as well as for compressed air. To meet the high requirements that are expected on the material in these fields all our construction hoses are extremely heat, cold and aging resistant. Depending on the requirements of the individual applications, our product range varies from very light weighted layflat and semi rigid hoses to rubber- and PU-lined hoses with high resistance to chemicals, oil and gasoline as well as high abrasion resistance and a high tensile strength.

Ranging from low diameter hoses for compressed air to large diameter hoses for high volume water transfer, all our hoses are made in Germany and are world famous for their superior quality.

High performance hoses for agriculture and farming

Regardless whether used as drag hose for irrigation, sludge and slurry hose, or simply as dewatering hose, our products have proven to be the best choice. Our rubberlined hoses are highly resistant to liquid manure and chemicals. Due to their excellent UV and weather resistance, our layflat hoses are well-suited for all agricultural applications. They combine high tensile strength as well as high abrasion resistance due to the advanced rubber compounds as well as the special ribbed outside surface. Especially when used as drag hoses, our advanced and reinforced layflat hoses are the state of the art.

Our high-quality polyurethane hoses are known for their minimal pressure loss due to the very smooth inner surface combined with an excellent resistance to abrasive materials.

KTW, DVGW and WRAS certified

Already when selecting the high-quality raw materials for our hoses, we carefully observe the requirements of national and international regulations for drinking water hoses like BS 6920, DVGW and KTW, which are understandably very high. After all, water is the most precious good that has to be protected. All of our drinking water hoses are therefore made of best available materials and components, which are neutral in taste and odour. Moreover the advantages of flexible pipelines for potable water supply, compared to fixed installations, are obvious.

Our customers value the additional advantages of our hoses – among others, they are very abrasion resistant and durable. Conventional cleaning and disinfection of our hoses is easy without any problem.

Circular woven + extruded = customized + creative

As a fully integrated producer, our range of products includes not only hoses, but also single components and customized products, which are used in many industrial fields, such as mechanical engineering, lifting equipment, robotics etc., as well as for geotextiles.

We will be happy to develop and design materials and products for various applications – after all, it is our biggest challenge to always find solutions that meet our customers' wishes and demands.

Repair kits, couplings, fittings and more

Beside all international common coupling systems of all materials, from light alloy to stainless steel and brass etc., wire, clamps, field couplings and protective sleeves, we offer the necessary repair material for our different types of hoses. Furthermore we offer a wide selection of fittings as well as parts and accessories for hoses – such as branchpipes, dividers, adapters and many more.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information’s about our range of accessories.