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High-quality layflat pressure hoses made in Germany

Every year over 5 million meters of hose leave our production facility. That’s as long as 43,800 football fields or 565 times the height of the Mount Everest. We produce our pressure hoses for a vast variety of worldwide applications with a length of up to 1,000 meters.

The fully integrated production of our high quality pressure hoses is done in our production facilities in Marsberg, Germany. State of the art machinery, top quality materials and a highly qualified labour force ensure the production of extremely high quality and long lasting hoses capable of delivering maximum performance even under the most severe conditions. Different combinations of materials, colours and lengths can be selected depending on the individual usage and specific requirements.

Needless to say is that our quality management system is certified according the EN ISO 9001 standard. Get an impression of our quality assurance by watching our videos, demonstrating abrasion resistance, adhesion and pressure testing. Contact us for high-quality, long-lasting hoses that you can rely on 100%.

Quality Assurance

Surface abrasion resistance

  • Surface abrasion resistance
  • Burst pressure test

Point abrasion resistance

A standard requirement for hoses up to 55 mm in Class 3

  • After 70 double strokes, the burst pressure must be at least 16 bar

Adhesion of the inner rubber to the fabric

A standard requirement for all hoses

  • The adhesion must be greater than 1 N / mm



  • Hoses in Class 1: Service life > 10 seconds
  • Hoses in Class 3: Service life > 30 seconds

Minimum burst pressure

A standard requirement for hoses up to 75 mm in Class 1

  • Burst pressure must be at least 60 bar
  • Burst in a longitudinal direction

Accessories for Our Products

Being a fully integrated manufacturer, we are capable to respond to any enquiry, also offering a wide variety of accessories.

Additonal to our high-quality and durable hoses we are able to supply a wide range of accessories like repair kits, single components for the repair of hoses like glue and patches, as well as hose cuffs for the provisional sealing of leakages.

Repair kits, couplings, fittings and more.

In addition to appropriate repair material for hoses, you can obtain all of the common national and international hose coupling systems from us.

As such, you can choose from different materials such as light alloy, brass and so on. Additionally we can provide a large range of branchpipes, nozzles and other fittings for fire fighting and mobile water supply. Moreover we offer a large variety of different rubber sleeves, hose clamps  and crimps as well as binding wire.

Industry-Specific Pressure Hoses

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