Repair kits, couplings, fittings and more

With our high-quality and durable layflat hoses, we have been able to establish ourselves as a leading producer also offering a wide range of parts and accessories. From fittings and couplings to repair kits and articles such as segmented bindings and sleeves: we offer every component that is of importance for the use of layflat hoses.

  • Hose Repair Kits Hose Repair Kits
    • For uncoated and coated hoses
    • Single components like glue, patches etc. available
  • Couplings Couplings
    • All kinds of international coupling systems
    • Available in different materials like light alloy, brass etc.
    • Galvanized and stainless steel wire binding available
  • Other Accessories Other Accessories
    • Branchpipes, nozzles
    • Coupling Spanners
    • And other related products
  • HOOSE Sleeve Hose Sleeve
    • Protecting the binding of the hose
    • Reinforcements at the end for additional abrasion, kink and shock resistance at the coupling tail
    • With a ribbed surface for improved handling
    • Made of high quality, aging resistant EPDM
    • Available in different diameters
  • Hose Repair Cuffs Hose Repair Cuffs
    • To provisionally seal hose leaks
    • Easy to move over the leak
    • Available in different colours and materials on request